SONG PICK: Sun Silva – Ride



SONG PICK: Sun Silva – Ride

No dilly-dallying around in SUN SILVA’s new single, as the song kicks off with a taste of the bombastic and beautifully infectious chorus. The initial explosion in “Ride” is no fluke but is being kept to the final bar.

When asked about their latest single, frontman Oscar Gormley provides:

“‘Ride’ is probably our most energetic and riff driven song to date. We’d been writing a lot of mid-tempo dance music and started to really miss this kind of incessant heavier side to our sound. Lyrically the song is about feeling totally out of control. It’s about that space after a period of mental instability where you don’t know where your mind is going to take you next.”

We came to truly dig the London-based collective thanks to their single “Sun Skin Air” that we featured earlier this year. Glad to see SUN SILVA brimming with talent and creativity, because if the stunning “Ride” is any indication, it shows no slowing down.

Teaming up cowbells with high octave synth lines in the second and third verses is pretty rad and convinced me of the cool confidence and songwriting chops of this band. Listen to “Ride”, our Song Pick of the Day:

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