SONG PICK: Lou Stone – Higher Than High



SONG PICK: Lou Stone – Higher Than High

Following his recent single “Truth Toy”, Australian singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Lou Stone brings out an even softer side with his new release “Higher Than High”. Seems like his warm and evocative vocals were never put more on stage, able to shine and draw the listener fully in.

When asked about newest works, Lou offers:

“”Truth Toy” calls for people to be honest with each other, whereas “Higher Than High” focusses on just how difficult that honesty can be. Doubts about the direction and nature of relationship can be addressed by just considering how the other person makes you feel. It’s very easy to over-complicate these things but if the other person makes you feel good, then that’s normally an indicator that you’re onto a pretty good thing. With matters of the heart, it’s impossible to know if you’re making the ‘right’ decision, so you just have to go with what feels right”.

Beautifully expressed in our Song Pick of the Day, “Higher Than High”. Give it a listen  now:

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Photo credit: Manon Ouimet

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