SONG PICK: Zola – Télephone




SONG PICK: Zola – Télephone

The titular “Télephone” is the link that keeps to lovers together over a long distance. Wait a moment – who is still using phones for communication in 2019? But this somewhat anachronistic metaphor fits to the song, because even though San Francisco-based singer/songwriter Zola is just 22, she takes some musical cues from the past, including a cozy vinyl crackling. Zola explains:

I wrote “Telephone” while I was in a long distance relationship. The song is about the doubts and insecurities I felt being so far away from my significant other. Whenever I felt like I was spiraling or couldn’t sleep, talking on the phone would make things feel normal and put my mind at ease. This was the first long distance relationship I had ever been in and I definitely wasn’t good at it.

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