SONG PICK: Japan, Man – The Law



Japan, Man

SONG PICK: Japan, Man – The Law

Leaticia Acra lives in Beirut and records under the name Japan, Man. She is also just 15 years old and none of this gives you a hint about what her music sounds like. Her second song “The Law” is a thoughtful, jazzy pop track about being judged by standards that are not your own. Leaticia says about the track:

As people try to find their way through life, understand their purpose, or unlock a healthy mental state, they are being scrutinised by others. Living under people’s judgment can make you think your way of finding yourself is wrong, leading you to assume that your personal expansion is criminal and shameful.

Japan, Man is planning to release an EP in spring. Listen to “The Law,” our Song Pick of the Day below:

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