SONG PICK: Susil Sharma – Wait For You



SONG PICK: Susil Sharma – Wait For You

Looks like a visit to Montreal by glamglare is in order soon! Not only did our best New York friends move to the Canadian metropole but it also seems to be a hub for great indie rock. Might also be that we are more receptive to music from there now with our friends gone but all kind of musings aside, “Wait For You, the new single by Susil Sharma, is fantastic. Who does not want to get told “I Wait For You”? We reached out to Susil and wanted to know a little more about the song, to which he replied:

“Wait For You” is a phrase I’ve said to many women in my life. Thus far, it has never been repeated back to me. It’s a song about holding onto hope in the face of heartache. I find there’s a certain comfort to unrequited loves and I’ve weirdly become quite romantic about my lopsided love affairs. In any case, it’s nice fodder for my little pop songs.”

Here’s to sticking around and lasting, fullfilling relationships as well as creative energy in happy and not so happy times! Listen to “Wait For You”, our Song Pick of the Day:

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Photo credit: John Londono

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