SONG PICK: teepee – parallel world



SONG PICK: teepee – parallel world

Both sing and both play guitar and together they create beautifully dreamy indie pop as their latest single “parallel world” is proof. Tereza Lavičková lends her sparkling bright vocals and electro guitar chops to teepee, while Miroslav Patočka keeps things grounded with his warm tenor and playful acoustic guitar additions. The result is highly intriguing and “parallel world” announces teepee’s upcoming album “Where the Ocean Breaks”, out January 31st via Springstoff.

Asked about “parallel world”, Tereza explains:

“Everyone is searching for happiness, but maybe we are looking for it in the wrong places. While living in India, I finally realized that happiness is rooted within ourselves. It’s not about how many things you have, or how successful you are. No one else can make you happy if you are not happy within yourself. This song is about the parallel world that exists in all of us, but we just have a hard time to find it in this toxic society.”

Miroslav reveals the following thoughts:

“For me, out of many other places, I found my parallel world in the ocean. While living in the Basque Country, I had the chance to go to the beach almost every day, sometimes learning to surf, or only to watch the waves. The place where the ocean breaks thus became very special for me – a place of peace and concentration.

This makes me want to listen to the album already and for now we can listen to “parallel world”, our Song Pick of the Day:

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 Photo credit: David Broda

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