SONG PICK: HANYA – I’ll Do It Tomorrow



SONG PICK: HANYA – I’ll Do It Tomorrow

Who can resist the carefree allure and the hopeful promise of tomorrow? Brighton-based quartet HANYA captures exactly that spirit with their new single “I’ll Do It Tomorrow”. The band has the following to say about their laidback and beautifully optimistic track, the second one from their upcoming EP “Seas Shoes”:

“I’ll Do It Tomorrow was the result of realising that rarely does anyone take the advice we ask for, we love to procrastinate and wait until things change around us, it’s the magic of the human psyche. The song is pretty much advice to an old friend…be every version of yourself, let go, do it now, don’t wait until tomorrow”.

At glamglare, we are already huge fans of another Brighton shoegazy dream pop band, Penelope Isles and it looks like HANYA, led by singer/guitarist Heather Sheret, is another cool band to watch out for and to see live. Like the aforementioned Penelope Isles who played the inaugural The New Colossus Festival last year, HANYA are scheduled to perform at this year’s follow-up event. Until then, listen to “I’ll Do It Tomorrow”, our Song Pick of the Day:

Connect with HANYA on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and add “I’ll Do It Tomorrow” to your playlist. It will be on ours! #glamglarepick

Photo credit: Jordan Rose

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