Excited for… The New Colossus Festival 2020



Excited for… The New Colossus Festival 2020

No event without a playlist and this is especially true for music festivals. And while such a playlist can provide a compelling overview of what’s in store, it can also often make for a rather bumpy ride if the festival in question covers a lot of different genres and caters to various tastes. But Indie rock fans may be surprised by the utterly pleasant listening experience of the playlist by The New Colossus Festival, New York’s newest (and hottest!) showcase festival and industry conference, now in its second year.

Then again, maybe the high quality does not come as a surprise upon learning who is behind a festival brightening the dreadful winter days: As a music lover and regular concert goer and record shopper you might have met one or all three of the founders as they are familiar faces in the Big Apple music scene.

One thing becomes clear here: the stellar 100+ international lineup did not get chosen by trends or who’s friends with whom but by solid criteria such as which band is exciting, whom would spoiled or jaded New Yorker’s want to see this March, and who makes great music.

To not miss a thing, connect with the festival on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, explore great NEW music by listening to this exquisite playlist, get yourself a badge and  go see these bands live at The New Colossus Festival from March 11 to 15, 2020:

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