SONG PICK: Victoria Bigelow – To Everyone I’ve Loved Before



SONG PICK: Victoria Bigelow – To Everyone I’ve Loved Before

Listen and you can picture Victoria Bigelow sitting on her front porch on a hot Tennessee summer day and musing over past lovers and relationships. Her new song “To Everyone I’ve Loved Before” speaks of regret, but also of acceptance of the fact that you have to find to yourself to experience lasting happiness. Victoria explains:

This song is paying homage (while simultaneously apologizing) to my past self and former lovers. It’s impossible to be sure of your love for another person when you’re unsure of the love you have for yourself. Writing it for me was an acknowledgment of the pain I’ve caused others by being reckless with their hearts and vulnerability, and the pain I’ve caused myself by being reckless with my own.

She co-produced the song with her boyfriend Devan Skaggs, so we can assume a happy ending here.

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