SONG PICK: Luna Shadows – millennia



SONG PICK: Luna Shadows – millennia

Things are not ok here: the bass drones menacingly, the beat fidgets nervously and L.A. singer Luna Shadows sighs with frustration: “don’t say you’ve had enough fight for a better love”. Sometimes it is hard to get on the same page in on a relationship. Luna Shadows gives us some insights about her new song “millennia”:

“millennia” is essentially about different styles of dispute and communication. There are some people who prefer to confront things right away and talk until resolution is reached; conversely, there are others who run in the opposite direction and avoid confrontation all together. I personally find that the silent treatment tends to be more painful than confrontation.”

Luna Shadows is working on a new album, no release data is set yet. Listen to our Song Pick of the Day here:

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