SONG PICK: Forever – Blur (Video)



SONG PICK: Forever – Blur (Video)

Here is an artist we are super excited to see live at the spring festivals SXSW in Austin and The New Colossus in NYC: Montreal-based singer/songwriter June Moon aka Forever is about to release a new EP “Close to the Flame” dealing with breakup on Cascine (paradoxically on Valentine’s Day). She gives us some background:

I was in a relationship that was killing me, and I had to plan an escape to save my life. The record is haunted by a ghost. I channeled her one night when I was writing because I was so scared to talk about what happened to me; I didn’t know how to tell my story. She came to me and told me to use her story as a channel for my own pain. This release is dedicated to her.

You get that vibe immediately in our Song Pick of the Day “Blur” with its laid back beats and eerie synths. The video also will not put you much at ease. Watch it here:

Listen to the song on Spotify:

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