SONG PICK: We Are The City – Killer B-Side Music (Video)



SONG PICK: We Are The City – Killer B-Side Music (Video)

Sunday morning, I woke up to the first song of one of the playlists we tend to listen to on our day off. “Killer B-Side Music” made me come to my senses and fully awake very quickly because this is a fresh, riveting and exceptionally cool song! “Killer B-Side Music” is the latest single from We Are The City‘s 5th studio album. To create a video for the album’s leading track, the trio has booked a swanky hotel room and got creative. Drummer Andrew Huculiak reveals about the video shoot:

“It was us, our phones, Instagram live and a loud hotel room. With no set plan, we chased whims all night, slept one hour, shot the sunrise and continued from there. Sometimes the most inspiring art to witness is art within your capabilities — you see the ingredients, the recipe, how it was put together, and that’s inspiring because you realize you’re capable of the same thing. You are the technician. You have access to the tools.”

The result is very inspiring and and hints once more that We Are The City might have a lot more ideas up their sleeves. Listen to “Killer B-Side Music”, our Song Pick of the Day and check out the inspired video:

Connect with We Are The City on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and add “Killer B-Side Music” to your playlist as we add it to our #glamglarepick playlist on Spotify. Go see We ARe The City live when they’re touring Europe now and North America to follow later this year.


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