SONG PICK: Emily Keener – Do You Love Me Lately



SONG PICK: Emily Keener – Do You Love Me Lately

In her new song “Do You Love Me Lately” Cleveland, Ohio singer/songwriter Emily Keener lets us join her in an intimate moment when she tried to find direction by imagining herself in a relationship:

I let myself get distracted, and watched the storyline play out. ‘Fantasy’ might imply sexiness, and there was that aspect, but really quickly I found myself painting this woman as an unavailable dream-girl way out of my league. I saw the relationship as one that would shine a light on my deepest insecurities.

Emily has been performing and writing music since she was twelve and released several albums and EPs. “Do You Love Me Lately” will be on her upcoming album “I Do Not Have To Be Good,” to be released this May.

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(Photo: Dalton Brand)

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