SONG PICK: Aradia – No One Can Stop You




SONG PICK: Aradia – No One Can Stop You

This may be the song you need right now. The title says is all: “No One Can Stop You” is a jolt of energy that can push you through the Sunday scaries and make you look forward to tomorrow. Brooklyn-based musician Aradia produced and recorded the song herself, channeling a 80s feel-good vibe with lush, bright synths and a big sing-along chorus. Aradia says about the song:

It’s just time – time for women and girls to Rise and Shine, not in a “fight” against society, but as an example of what empowerment looks like, and what mutual respect and connection looks like. I want my music to be an inspiration for listeners, a beacon of hope that changes your mood if you’re in a bad one and gets you out of your head and into the world.

Listen to “No One Can Stop You,” our Song Pick of the Day:

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