SONG PICK: Beauty Queen – Sweet Memory



SONG PICK: Beauty Queen – Sweet Memory

There are songs that feel like an unexpected ray of sunshine on an unassuming work day, a moment when the world suddenly feels different. Listen to “Sweet Memory” by L.A. via Hawaii singer/songwriter Katie Iannitello aka Beauty Queen and you know what I mean: there is a warm, relaxed vibe to music and vocals that evoke sweet memories indeed.

Katie recalls:

I wrote the first line of ‘Sweet Memory’ during one of my 2.2-mile walking commutes from the ramen restaurant I worked at, to the eight bedroom house I lived in during my time in San Francisco. I couldn’t take the bus because I get motion sickness…so needless to say I got a lot of exercise when I lived there. Walking at night was so peaceful, yet, I did find there to be moments when someone would be striding towards me and I’d wonder…who is this person? Why are they walking? To where? From where? I liked living in a walking city because I got to see a lot of people in their day to day.

“Sweet Memory” is produced by indie pop duo Tennis and released via Sleep Well Records.

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