The New Colossus Festival – Day 1



The New Colossus Festival – Day 1

This is the time of the year where we usually immerse ourselves into music full time with SXSW, and since last year also The New Colossus Festival in our hometown. Of course it is different this year: SXSW is not happening, and it is hard to engross into anything other than… well, you know what. But to say it with one of the artists, Siv Jacobson, who traveled nonetheless from Europe to play at New Colossus: “Music always helps.” And so we double down on what we always do: find new music for you and write about it, as a reminder that life is going on and there is still a lot of beauty to be found out there.

The New Colossus Festival is happening on the Lower East Side, and its international lineup of artists did not take too much of a hit. Albeit we greatly admire Lio Kanine, for dealing with last-minute cancellations and keeping the schedule up to such a high level of talented artists.

At the end of the night of day 1, we were surprised that we could see seven excellent bands:
Honey Cut at Pianos
Siv Jacobson at Pianos
Donna Blue at Pianos
Kirsten Knick at The Delancey
Hunger at The Delancey
Devarrow at The Delancey
Tallies at The Delancey
Ali Barter at Pianos

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