SONG PICK: Color Theory – Juggernaut



SONG PICK: Color Theory – Juggernaut

Despite its dark and brooding lyrics, “Juggernaut”, the new single by one-man synthwave act Color Theory is oddly comforting. The hypnotic track reminds me of some of my favorite synths-pop bands of the 80s, and I never stopped liking this type of music. But even without this kind of personal history, “Juggernaut” is beautifully soothing and calming thanks to its mellow build and all-around pleasant production. Just maybe, blend out the lyrics. Or, turn to the other track of this double release, the brighter and less futuristic but more beautifully 80s-tinged “This Whole Nothing”. Brian Hazard, aka Color Theory, offers:

This Whole Nothing” is one of those songs that people will read into as they will. The lyrics are just vague enough to be universal. My inspiration was the spacious emptiness one experiences when the voice of the mind quiets and the world can be seen as it truly is.”

Listen to “Juggernaut”, our Song Pick of the Day:

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Photo credit: Kremer Johnson

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