SONG PICK: The Desert – Beauty Queen



SONG PICK: The Desert – Beauty Queen

“Beauty Queen”, the new single by Brighton-based art-pop band The Desert is slightly unsettling, brooding and ever-intensifying in its built yet at the same time blissfully gorgeous! The track is one of these songs that charm you at the spot and stay with you for a really long time, all the while instilling the desire to listen to it over and over again. Singer and lyricist Gina Leonard’s vocals shimmer and float above the fuzzy guitars, warm basslines, and suspenseful drumming. When asked about “Beauty Queen”, Gina explains:

“Beauty Queen is a song that explores the complex emotions surrounding unreciprocated love. Although It expresses feelings of frustration, sadness and resignation, I hope that it’s also empowering. It kind of celebrates the strength of love but also hints at letting go and moving on from something that’s unhealthy and obsessive.”

By enlisting legendary producer Steve Osborne (U2, Elbow, New Order) for the first track of their upcoming releases, The Desert now have a masterpiece in their repertoire that sets the bar high for their next singles, which we are very much looking forward to. Listen to “Beauty Queen”, our Song Pick of the Day:

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