SONG PICK: Big Fox – Let Love In



Big Fox

SONG PICK: Big Fox – Let Love In

Swedish singer/songwriter Charlotta Perrier aka Big Fox has a beautiful album “See How The Light Falls” for you, one that you enjoy while leaning back, letting your mind wander while listening to Charlotta’s soft, reflective vocals. Our Song Pick of the Day “Let Love In” is the latest single where Charlotta gives out good advice:

I thought a lot about the unsaid. All the words that I constantly avoided, held back, and how they slowly created a wall between me and others. As if I was under water, looking at the sun through the surface. And I finally realized that I was the one stopping myself. So, I think I subconsciously wrote this song to push myself off that cliff, to let love in.

Listen “Let Love In” here:

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