SONG PICK: Rozet – Phantom City (Video)




SONG PICK: Rozet – Phantom City (Video)

Rozet is a new artist from Miami and she arrives with a bright, lighter-than-air debut single which is best savored together with the gorgeous beach-side video. Rozet reveals about the song:

A “Phantom City” is an imaginary place that holds a treasure you think you need. You journey through the city in search for this treasure, experiencing nothing but tricks, traps, and tribulations along the way, only to find that there is no treasure. The treasure is inside you. For me the song represents the shedding of a challenging journey from my past, the enlightenment I found in myself, and my birth as an artist.

Rozet directed the video herself and you would not believe that it was not a big production. She says:

The video I created on a small budget and with tight group of people deer to me – my family & close friends – mainly to prove to myself that I could, without a big machine. It is a visual I am extremely proud and that marks only the beginning of what’s to come.

Watch “Phantom City” here:

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