SONG PICK: Ellen Krauss – Silver Spoon



Ellen Krauss

SONG PICK: Ellen Krauss – Silver Spoon

There are songs that surprise around every corner. One of them is “Silver Spoon,” the new song by young Swedish musician Ellen Krauss. Starting out as classic singer/songwriter fare with a lone acoustic guitar, you get quickly an inkling that this will not be enough for her soaring vocals. And yes, more orchestral sounds are coming in – but the song does not stop there. Listen for yourself! In the end the diverse arrangements match the theme of a complicated but in the end happy relationship. Ellen explains:

“Silver Spoon” is about two people, very different from each other, who choose to hold on. They’re not the perfect match, but they feel it’s better to be unhappy together than alone. It’s love after all.

Listen to our Song Pick of the Day, “Silver Spoon, out today:

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