SONG PICK: Grace Joyner – Hung The Moon



Grace Joyner

SONG PICK: Grace Joyner – Hung The Moon

“Hung The Moon” is the perfect opener for Grace Joyner‘s new album “Settle In” (out April 24): like the first sunny day of spring it invites you to rest for a moment and let yourself be carried away with those slow burning, reflective songs. There is a nostalgic feel to the music, warm and inviting, even though the songs touch on often difficult parts of Grace’s life. She says about the album:

“I took my time with “Settle In”. This record covers a lot of ground for me. I took bigger risks in my songwriting process and pushed personal boundaries by exploring content around my romantic struggles, my family, and my relationship with the pursuit of music itself. In a lot of ways my love for music feels like a relationship — at times it feels like unrequited love and at times I have found it breaking my heart. But, ultimately, you can’t choose what or who you love, and if you don’t give it a fair shot you might never know what could have been.

Listen to “Hung The Moon,” our Song Pick of the Day:

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