SONG PICK: Nick Byrne – Houses



SONG PICK: Nick Byrne – Houses

Whisper soft vocals charm their way into our ears, delicate fingerpicking and an overall lush, synths-infused arrangement that renders “Houses”, the new single by English singer/songwriter Nick Byrne magic. “Houses” is inspired by a trip to Liverpool, where Nick came across streets of empty houses falling into ruin, yet there it was where he came up with the idea for this song as the decaying buildings made him think of his father, who was a builder by trade. The chorus urges us to seize the moment: “I know you have time, don’t you pass it up”.

Sonically, “Houses” is irresistibly gorgeous yet the lyrics seem to take on a new meaning at their own. At a time, when most of us stay put at home, then “home” does hopefully mean something we can lovingly think of. The repetition of “This feels like home”  has the potential to become a much-needed mantra, comforting and beautiful!

Listen to “Houses”, our Song Pick of the Day:

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