SONG PICK: Howie Payne – In Dreams



SONG PICK: Howie Payne – In Dreams

“In Dreams” possesses plenty of captivating aplomb and irresistible groove, that makes for one fantastic song! “In Dreams” also marks the title track of Howie Payne‘s upcoming EP, due May 15. Fans of melodic British indie rock might know Howie Payne as the frontman of Liverpool alt-rock band The Stands, who provides the following context about his new single:

“I’d just got back from a trip to New York and had some jet lag that was messing up my sleep and making for some pretty far out dreams. So it’s the middle of the night, I’m awake and I started thinking about how in dreams everything you see, hear, feel, touch, do, you invent it all yourself. This line ‘You’re everyone and everything in dreams’ is floating around in my mind, and the song came together around that thought. We recorded it a couple of days after I wrote it. I wanted it to be really guitar heavy, and loud, so we turned everything up and recorded it live with the whole band in the room. Doing it that way is always a real buzz so it was a very cool recording session and because I’d only just written it, it feels very fresh and the music has a real intent behind it.”

The guitar heaviness is wonderful, and the overall laidback vibe highly welcome. Listen to the beautifully psychedelic “In Dreams”, our Song Pick of the Day:

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