SONG PICK: Drinker – Even If I Know (Video)




SONG PICK: Drinker – Even If I Know (Video)

Bi-coastal duo Drinker is back with a brilliant new track “Even If I Know”. Dark, dramatic and suspenseful – the song is guaranteed to give you the shivers. Interestingly the song feels sleek and compact, but lyrics and music were created separately as singer Aaron Mendelsohn reveals:

The song explores existential themes like self-acknowledgement and emotional detachment. Setting these self-reflective lyrics against this instrumental, which we had created in an entirely different headspace, we found an incongruity that was surprisingly harmonious.

Drinker also released a mesmerizing video that enhance the audio-visual experience of “Even If I Know.” Watch the clip directed by Tyler Byrnes with stop-motion animations by Dorian Carli-Jones here:

Listen to Our Song Pick of the Day below:

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