SONG PICK: Daragh – Pretend



SONG PICK: Daragh – Pretend

“Pretend” is the new single by Irish singer/songwriter Daragh Wearen, who used to play guitar and write songs in Company Ink, and started his solo project as Daragh. Grounded in shimmering synths lines, “Pretend” has a warm and fuzzy feel to it, with some great guitar work and Daragh’s energetic and appealing vocals to indulge in. While the track’s tone is upbeat the lyrical content is rather critical. A statement like “You’re getting on my nerves again / but I can’t look away because / I love to hate you, I hate to love you / why do we insist on wasting our time.” immediately resonated with me, and hit the head on its nail!

When asked about “Pretend”, Daragh says:

“Lyrically the song is about putting on a mask figuratively speaking, and the toxicity of social media.”

So we wanted to know a bit more, and Daragh provided:

“The song isn’t inspired by current events as I wrote it a few years ago, but current events certainly influenced my decision to release it now. If that makes sense!”

Yes. It does. Now more than ever. And luckily, more music is underway according to the artist:

“The plan is to release a string of songs that I feel fit together both sonically and narratively. Songs that are sort of relevant to where I am in my life now.“

Listen to “Pretend”, our Song Pick of the Day:

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