SONG PICK: Midnight Vesta – I’ll Have Another



SONG PICK: Midnight Vesta – I’ll Have Another

The sun came finally out today in New York, and while enjoying breakfast on the balcony, we were listening to my playlist of potential song picks and when “I’ll Have Another” came on, I loved the track all over again. The track is defined by its groovy John Mayer vibe, complete with charming vocals and lush guitar. “I”ll Have Another” is the latest single by Canadian quartet Midnight Vesta.

A song that makes you think does a fine job and a certain verse in the lyrics of “I’ll Have Another” kept me thinking. I didn’t know how to interpret it and so I had reached out to the band.

Nicholas took the time to explain it to me, and I neither want to shorten nor paraphrase his statement, so I quote him here in full:

“This verse always served as a self-reflection on our own past poor behaviour in relationships.

I always thought you’d be the one
To share my life and bear our son.

These are the words of a misguided young man who views his partner as someone who will help him get what he wants. So many men associate a son with an idea of their own immortality and lineage. Even the way he says they will share *his* life alludes to a self-focused perspective on love and partnership.

But there’s nothing certain in this world
And I’d be better off with a baby girl.

Being in love isn’t about someone serving you, and being a parent isn’t about your fragile notion of carrying on your line. To learn that only after losing someone isn’t ideal, but it is better than not learning at all. The entire song focuses on the healing process after losing someone you thought you’d be with forever. This verse is here to remind us of our own role in ending something that was once sweet and well-intentioned. I believe that acknowledging our own mistakes has to happen if there can be real healing.”

Thanks so much, Nicholas for laying it all out. Much appreciated. “I’ll Have Another” is a fascinating piece of music, lyrically and sonically. Listen to “I’ll Have Another”, our Song Pick of the Day:

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