SONG PICK: Caro – When All My Friends Move Away



SONG PICK: Caro – When All My Friends Move Away

When singer/songwriter and producer Caro rhymes “All my friends move away, leaving me for LA” then it profoundly resonates with me because this can be taken literally: some lovely friends of mine have exchanged New York with Los Angeles (it is not just all about the weather, is it?) but others even left the country, having moved to Montreal or Berlin. So, I totally get it, and I am sure we all can relate one way or another. What was Caro’s inspiration for “When All My Friends Move Away”? She says about her new single:

“I wrote this song last summer when a lot of things were up in the air for me. I felt so uncertain about the future and would beat myself up comparing where I was to where other people were. With everything going on in the world now, it seems like the right time to release it – a lot of changes are happening and I want people to know they’re not alone with how they’re feeling. May is also mental health awareness month and I wanted to partner with Make Sure Your Friends Are Okay to spread positivity in mental health – now more than ever we need to be there and look out for each other.”

Beautiful and essential sentiment! Based in Nashville, TN, Caro grew up learning classical violin, and soon also started to pick up a variety of other instruments and learned to play them by ear. She writes and produces her music herself, and has some exciting collaborations coming up.

Listen to irresistibly melancholic “When All My Friends Move Away”, our Song Pick of the Day:

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