VIDEO PICKS OF THE WEEK: High Waisted, in earnest, LONA, Morgan Harper-Jones



VIDEO PICKS OF THE WEEK: High Waisted, in earnest, LONA, Morgan Harper-Jones

High Waisted – Modern Love

“Modern Love” is the latest single off High Waisted‘s new album, “Sick of Saying Sorry”, out May 22nd and it got a cool video treatment. Its creators Jenni Yang & Logan Seaman say about the inspiration behind the video:

“Jenni found a quote that says “to love is to destroy and to be loved is to be destroyed.” That really inspired us to write a story about love and power. Jess would be the heroine in the story, not only because she looks badass on the stage, but because she represents many modern women. As her character lives a happy and love-filled life, she encounters situations where she needs to step out of her comfort zone in order to protect her love. It’s a metaphor for modern love. You can’t just live happily ever after like in the movies. There are moments in which we struggle. It’s a journey of learning to be yourself, and most importantly to be brave.”

Watch the video now:

in earnest – Put Me Under

“Put me under” was our Song Pick of the Day a couple of weeks ago and here is the visual companion that shows in earnest singer Sarah Holburn in a multitude of states of mind throughout a ten weeks period. Much of this happened under lockdown and so the video is yet another example of how restrictions can spur creativity. It also raises the question who put the Paul McCartney book up onto the shelf and down again.

Watch the video now:


LONA – Wonderland

Liverpool collective LONA revealed a compelling video to their punchy new single “Wonderland”. When asked about the inspiration to the song and the message behind, the band says:

“Right now, more than ever, we feel like we’re living in a Wonderland. These times are so confusing, lonely and scary. It’s hard not to get down in these surreal times. It feels like we are stuck in a real-life movie. We lose sight of the bigger picture, how amazing us humans can be. There are people on the front line, risking their lives to save others, people singing in the streets to make sure nobody feels isolated or forgotten. Amongst the chaos, there are beautiful moments. The world is full of unconditional love and hope, and we’re here to share this message to every last person. The lost, the lonely and the loved.”

Inspirational thoughts and statement, wrapped in a truly compelling song and visuals!

Watch the video now:

Morgan Harper-Jones – Typical

British singer/songwriter Morgan Harper-Jones has captured our hearts by storm and adds yet another utterly beautiful song and highly compelling video to the reasons why she is one of the most exciting young artists to watch. The animated video was created by Gemma Rose Green-Hope and Morgan says about the track:

“It’s hard to love someone who doesn’t want to be loved… So honestly don’t waste your time or energy.”

Short, sweet, and to the point!

Watch the video now:

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