SONG PICK: Ludic – Love Me Like



SONG PICK: Ludic – Love Me Like

“Love Me Like”, the new single by art-pop trio Ludic is as joyful as it is irresistible. This is feel-good music that pushes even the darkest clouds aside to make room for a little sunshine to breakthrough and dance to. While “Love Me Like” is not all roses lyrically, it sonically offers depths, variety, and mesmerizing groove.

Max, Rhett, and Ayla say about their song:

““Love Me Like” was inspired by music in the neo-soul and pop genres that we love so much while intertwining modern production and hooks with vintage songwriting sensibilities. This is a song about a one-sided relationship from the eyes of the beholder, grappling with internal frustration and romantic invisibility.”

Listen to the ultra-grovy “Love Me Like”, our Song Pick of the Day:

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