SONG PICK: Yard Arms – Mantra



SONG PICK: Yard Arms – Mantra

Who isn’t looking for comfort and joy these days? For a little something to hold on to, to remind us that life is good and full of surprises.

“Mantra”, the new single by Bristol-based alt-pop duo Yard Arms, can be taken quite literally as the gorgeous track can function as exactly that, a mantra to go by. “Mantra” offers nostalgic undertones, at times wistful even but manages to overall float on a blissful bed of arpeggios and grounded in deep and alluring vocals. Behind the artist name, Yard Arms are Billy Golding and Noah Villeneuve, and lyricist and frontman Noah describes “Mantra” as a ‘triumphant love letter to the anxious’.

Listen to “Mantra”, our Song Pick of the Day:

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