SONG PICK: I See Rivers – How



I See Rivers

SONG PICK: I See Rivers – How

I See Rivers is the trio of three women, Eline, Gøril and Lili, from Norway who met at the Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts. That for sure sounds like a promising start to a music career. Case in point: their latest song “How”, a glittering synth pop piece with enchanting vocal harmonies that draw you gently into a mythological world.

The band says about the song:

Through Andromeda’s eyes, the song echoes her deep understanding of her connection to Perseus and her belief that even through hardships and turmoil, they have always been destined to be together – even after death she and Perseus is to spend the rest of their existence as constellations in the sky. Although drawn from the Greek myth, the deeper and more personal message of the song is about the need to make sense of things whilst battling the fear of losing face and understanding.

“How” will be on the upcoming debut album. Listen to our Song Pick of the Day here:

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