SONG PICK: Nation of Language – The Wall & I



SONG PICK: Nation of Language – The Wall & I

Take the hypnotizing energy of LCD Soundsystem and the pop-anthem allure of The Temper Trap, add a heavy dose of 80s synth-pop inspiration and you get an idea for the kind of sound Brooklyn-based three-piece Nation of Language might make. Their newest single “The Wall & I” is the last taste before their debut album “Introduction, Presence” drops May 22nd.

When asked about the ideas behind “The Wall & I”, songwriter and vocalist Ian Devaney explains:

“The hardest part of the creative process for me are those moments when things don’t flow naturally at all, and you just have to sit and slug it out with your own brain, all the while knowing that you might spend hours mining your memories and working through feelings only to end up with nothing useable on the other side. In the time since writing ‘The Wall & I,’ itself a product of many such fruitless hours, I have tried to make a mental adjustment to see the struggle itself as a kind of conceptual or performative dance—to make the conscious choice to spend a whole day locked in battle with my own aspirations wrestling against actual outcomes. As good as it feels to just sit down and knock a song out, there is a different level of satisfaction when you feel like you’ve bled a little bit and truly earned it.”

For us listeners, the struggle is not noticeable, yet why shouldn’t and couldn’t it be part of the process? The result in the case of “The Wall & I” are magnificent!

Listen to “The Wall & I”, our Song Pick of the Day:

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Photo credit: Fabrizio Moretti

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