SONG PICK: Fast Preacher- Stick Together



SONG PICK: Fast Preacher- Stick Together

“Stick Together” are the first two words the listener hears when Fast Preacher‘s new single starts and this appeal also sets the mood for the song as a whole:

Stick together, more than ever
Heart of treasure, bold endeavor
Stormy weather, pluck your feathers
Now or never, flock together

What an encouraging and simply perfect anthem for all that is going on in 2020! Chicago-based singer/songwriter/guitarist Dan Hanson is behind the artist name Fast Preacher and he enlisted some fine artists for his latest endeavor.

“Stick Together” offers the same mesmerizing vibe as the 51 years older “Come Together” could not be more timely. Ultra-groovy, with psychedelic touches and very welcomed with its appeal for solidarity and unity.

Listen to “Stick Together”, our Song Pick of the Day:

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