SONG PICK: Neeq Serene – The Others



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SONG PICK: Neeq Serene – The Others

“The Others” could be a perfect song for the last minutes of daylight, when the mind slowly settles for nighttime. It is a beautiful and elegant dark synth pop piece by multifaceted London-based artist Neeq Serene, who we already met a year ago as one half of duo Pinero|Serene.

Neeq explains about her new solo project:

This project is about piecing together fragments of my experience of life. Too often we strive for a perfection that doesn’t exist. I’d like to instead focus on creating a sonic landscape that allows each piece to co-exist, imperfectly

Neeq Serene is planning to release an EP later this year. Listen to “The Others,” our Song Pick of the Day here:

Connect with Neeq Serene on Instagram.

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