SONG PICK: Ishani – Twin Flames




SONG PICK: Ishani – Twin Flames

“Twin Flames” is a song about the thrill and the uncertainty in the early stages of a relationship. London-based singer, songwriter and producer Ishani muses about having found a soulmate. Or maybe not? The drama of the situation is reflected in the trip-hop-inspired production spiced up with a searing guitar line.

Ishani tells us about the inspiration behind the song:

I was scrolling through instagram and I saw a picture of a rose on fire. It inspired me to write this song. I then stumbled across the term ‘Twin flame’ and it really intrigued me. The idea of a soul being split into two and the quest to find true love. This song is about the doubts we have when we start to fall in love and self sabotage.

Watch the video here:

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