SONG PICK: Juliet July – Gone



Juliet July

SONG PICK: Juliet July – Gone

“Palm Trees in the Mist” evoke immediately strong images in your mind. This is the title of the six-track debut EP of Amsterdam-based singer/songwriter Juliet July, which creates a similar intriguing sonic picture. With restrained, chill future pop sounds and soulful vocals Julie takes you on a laid-back journey through different emotions. She explains:

Palm trees represent happiness, joy, warmth, The Mist represents more heavy, sad and dark emotions. “Palm trees in the mist” combined, creates a symbolism for me to keep seeing the “Silver Livings” in whatever situation life throws at us.

Listen to “Palm Trees in the Mist” on all services. Our Song Pick of the Day, “Gone” was released on the EP today. Enjoy here:

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