SONG PICK: Michael Butera – The Green Garden



SONG PICK: Michael Butera – The Green Garden

At home in Melbourne, Australia, cinematic pop-musician Michael Butera was living in Canada, when he wrote his latest single “The Green Garden”. With a hook like “​with you my garden is green, without you my garden is yellow,” the enchanting ballad intensifies to a powerful love declaration.

When asked about “The Green Garden”, Michael Butera muses:

“[I] was based in Canada where I was able to experience such a deep love like no other and gave me the imagination, thoughts and desires to move to a fantasy place with my true love and have the perfect house and the perfect garden with the intention of living happily ever after.

The artfully produced song tells a beautifully romantic story, that we can benefit from. Let’s enjoy the track’s love, optimism, and possibilities – especially now! Listen to “The Green Garden”, our Song Pick of the Day:

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