SONG PICK: Homesick Hotel – All Love



SONG PICK: Homesick Hotel – All Love

Having toured the world as part of the Dutch electronic duo The Him, Jay Kersten settled down in Amsterdam for the time being and started working on his solo project. Under the moniker Homesick Hotel, Jay released his first single called “All Love”, which is a stunning debut not alone thanks to its exquisite drum line beats, that intensify to a fiery crescendo. Contrasting with the steady percussions are soft piano tones together with Jay’s beautifully earthy and occasionally sweet and mellow vocals.

“‘All Love’ is about how the ups and downs of life and relationships can all be part of love. Love can have many dimensions and I feel in the current day and age people can sometimes forget that it’s not just what it looks like on instagram. Even if it’s not always perfect it can still be a million times worth holding on to. It’s taken me forever to finish this song lol! Especially because it’s so different from what I usually do.”

With a slightly melancholic yet irresistibly catchy track like “All Love”, Jay set the bar high for any follow-up but whatever comes next, it will undoubtedly be as enticing as this first foray into a solo career. Listen to “All Love”, our Song Pick of the Day:

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Photo credit: Martin Sweers

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