SONG PICK: Lennixx – Empty Room




SONG PICK: Lennixx – Empty Room

Hanna Larsson and Andrea Kallström aka Lennixx from Sweden are back with a new track “Empty Room,” the “b-side” of “Bold Me,” released a few weeks ago. The song beautifully showcases their light-as-a-feather, sparse production style that puts their vocal harmonies front and center and lets the music float around you like warm summer breeze.

Lexxnix tell us about the song:

We immediately loved ‘Empty Room’ as soon as we finished it and felt that it was a song we really wanted to share. We think it works perfectly with ‘Bold Me’ because they both show a more mature and delicate side of us. We love when a song speaks for itself and listeners have their own idea of what the song is about, but for us it is a love song.

“Empty Room” is out now on all streaming services. Listen below on YouTube:

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