SONG PICK: Ess See – Overdrive (Video)



Ess See

SONG PICK: Ess See – Overdrive (Video)

There is this one moment when continuous romantic disappointment turns into new hope in its brightest colors. No matter on which side of this event you may be, the new song by Brooklyn-based singer/songwriter Sarah Cobb aka Ess See is the perfect anthem to lift you up. She produced this one herself and gave it a subtle, joyful retro-feel to the time when affairs of love were perceived simpler.

Sarah explains about the song:

It is a love song, but it’s for anyone who knows deep heartache. It’s for those who have given up on love or become hardened (as I was) and might be in need of hope. It’s for those who are cautiously starting again, embracing the uncertainty of a new romance.

Also watch the cute video with original footage from a 1967 clip by the United States Postal Service Public Service:

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