SONG PICK: Boy Willows – I Love It When You Talk



SONG PICK: Boy Willows – I Love It When You Talk

“I Love It When You Talk” by Boy Willows is an uncompromisingly soft, smooth, and sensual single that instantly mesmerizes. The glorious track evokes images of golden sun rays dancing on rippling waves. It is beautiful!

Landon Fleischman, the artist behind the moniker Boy Willows, says the following about his new single:

“‘I Love It When You Talk’ is about an uncomplicated love I have for someone with a complicated past. There’s something so profound and simple about loving when someone talks to you. I just want the person who this song is about to hear and know that.”

Listen to “I Love It When You Talk”, our Song Pick of the Day:

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Photo credit: Seannie Bryan

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