SONG PICK: Young Saab – but i love you (ft. Chloe Lilac) (Video)



Young Saab

SONG PICK: Young Saab – but i love you (ft. Chloe Lilac) (Video)

Young Saab is a brand new project, a Brooklyn super group, if you will, founded by Jon Sandler of Good Fine Ok and Eric Zeiler of Me Not You. Add their neighbor Chloe Lilac and you have all the ingredients for smart, engaging indie pop. The debut single “but I love you” is about young love in the big city, told with a good dose of melancholy. Jon recalls:

When eric and i sat down to write a song with chloe lilac, she was refreshingly honest about what it’s like to be a teenager living in brooklyn, and about a boy who she may or may not have been in love with. we instantly could relate, and the rest is history. we’ve both called brooklyn home for more than a decade, so it’s not surprising that the song also feels to us like an ode to our borough. it’s hard to understand unless you’ve experienced it, but brooklyn has a unique ability to become a character in the stories of its residents. it’s tangible how it influences relationships and love within its reach, and we tried to convey that in the song and also in the video.

Watch the beautifully animated video here:

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