SONG PICK: Odd Morris – Your Four Walls



SONG PICK: Odd Morris – Your Four Walls

Ireland’s music scene knows no shortage of exciting new bands, new to us anyway. We have seen live the band these indie-rockers from Dublin are friends with (Fontaines D.C.) and can not wait for our current dire times to end to get a taste of Odd Morris live as well. For now, we can listen to the irresistible “Your Four Walls”, Odd Morris’ brand new single.

“Your Four Walls” is a precious gift for every fan of guitar-driven sound complete with relentlessly pushing rhythms and great vocals. The mesmerizing track might very well be Odd Morris’ most compelling song to date. When asked about the inspiration for the song, the band says:

“‘Your Four Walls’ is a homage to our buildings, houses and cityscape. It was originally a poem written by Daragh about an old Georgian house across the street from his flat. The poem speaks of the structure of the house, how it’s framework provided a safe place to spend a lifetime. It could also be a metaphor for the support, warmth and reassurance one receives from a loving relationship. The poem stemming from Daragh doing a painting of this building, and through this new lens of observing,  a poem came to mind.”

Listen to “Your Four Walls”, our Song Pick of the Day:

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Photo credit: Jack Martin

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