SONG PICK: Jonathon Conant – Life IS Love Dancing



SONG PICK: Jonathon Conant – Life IS Love Dancing

“Life IS Love Dancing” is love at first sight, respectively listen. It also is the new single by Jonathon Conant, an incredibly gifted human being, who packed up his things in California and build himself a new home in Costa Rica. Alone hearing about this, is reason enough to want to learn more. By now, I know for example that Jonathon is running Airborn Arts in Costa Rica’s jungle, which is mind-blowingly amazing and worth its own feature. In short, check it out!

I was immediately smitten by the meaning of “Life IS Love Dancing” and the bouncy, mesmerizing sound did the rest. At its core, “Life IS Love Dancing” is an electronic track, with a driving beat and a flurry of sound bites and lush synths, held together by Jonathon’s emotive and warm vocals.

“Life IS Love Dancing” is one the songs that make me want to know so much more and so I asked Jonathon how he come up with the song title and what inspired the song. Here is what he answered:

“Well, the song title comes from my endless search for a deeper understanding of life and the desire to express what I find in a way that ignites compassion in the listener. I was told once that we all struggle to empathise with our own experience. It’s a reason we allow ourselves to be treated unlovingly. I was trying to occupy a space where I fully empathised and was hit with this kind of joyful feeling of being love dancing around in a body. Thinking maybe we all are, at least potentially. I guess the song is saying how delicate the balance is, how scary it is to occupy life fully, be compassionate and face our shortcomings. Funny cause, a lot of my music is kind of dark and or sexy, so this is a fun departure.

Thank you, Jonathon! The sentiment is as beautiful as the song. Listen to the gorgeous “Life IS Love Dancing”, our Song Pick of the Day:


Connect with Jonathon Conant on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and add “Life IS Love Dancing” to your playlist as we are adding it to our glamglarepick playlist on Spotify:

Give the song another spin and listen to it while watching the video:

Photo credit: Toffy Paulweber

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