SONG PICK: Blonde Maze – Not All Flowers Bloom



Blonde Maze new single "not all flowers bloom"

SONG PICK: Blonde Maze – Not All Flowers Bloom

Electronic musician Amanda Steckler, who writes, sings, creates and produces her music under the artist name Blonde Maze just released the beautifully melancholic “Not All Flowers Bloom”. The new single contains Blonde Maze’s signature traits like her warm and soothing vocals, playful beats, including bright synths and a healthy dose of the glockenspiel.

When asked about her latest song, Amanda explains:

“Not All Flowers Bloom is about the realization that even though something is beautiful, it may not last forever. Something may grow but not fully bloom. This song is about the acceptance and awareness of that realization.”

The single’s packaging is as poetic as it is picking up the lyrical content nicely. Amanda says:

“The cover art is a girl watering a flower that’s dying, trying to revive it. But she’s also looking out into the field of blooming flowers, because she knows in the back of her mind, her blooming flower is somewhere out there.”

The experienced loss, the fearless acceptance of it, and the glittering beauty that is hope. A “next time” is possible and it will happen, maybe just not necessarily right around the corner but eventually, along the road and the journey that is called life. With its comforting vibe “Not All Flowers Bloom” serves as the perfect lullaby or whenever a little calm, relaxation, and joy are needed.

Listen to “Not All Flowers Bloom”, our Song Pick of the Day:

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