SONG PICK: Simon Alexander – Heading Nowhere



SONG PICK: Simon Alexander – Heading Nowhere

Whenever I hear beautiful guitar fingerpicking like the one in “Heading Nowhere”, I am instantly smitten and inclined to pick up my guitar and try my luck as well, only to get seriously frustrated because a lot of time and hard work goes into such beauty and precision.

Having featured Simon Alexander mesmerizing indie/folk before, I reached out to the Swedish singer/songwriter, and asked him what inspired the utterly gorgeous “Heading Nowhere”. Is it a sign of the times maybe? Simon answered:

“While the world’s been facing difficult times I’ve kinda found myself in a state of consciousness, reflecting on everything that’s happening. And I know I’m not alone in feeling lost in a world I’m not familiar with. But all these thoughts floating around in my head have led to many sleepless nights, with only questions and uncertainty holding me company.”

Skillfully put it the song’s first line which goes: “I’ve been awake for far too long, is anybody out there holding on”

Simon explains further:

“What I’ve realized during these nights is how I can long for dreaming. Just to get a brief escape to a better place, when things outside can seem too dark. So what I want to say with ‘Heading Nowhere’ is to let yourself dream, and perhaps it will help you find a way to cope with what weighs you down. Especially during these times.”

“Heading Nowhere” makes for perfect day-dreaming with its mellow flow and inspiring vibe. Listen to “Heading Nowhere”, our Song Pick of the Day:

Connect with Simon Alexander on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and add “Heading Nowhere” to your playlist as we are adding it to our glamglarepick playlist on Spotify:

Photo credit: Ian Moloney

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