SONG PICK: Woodes – Queen of the Night




SONG PICK: Woodes – Queen of the Night

At glamglare, we have been in love with the music of singer, songwriter, and producer Elle Graham aka Woodes since we saw her first at SXSW 2017. Her bright, glittering synth-pop, catchy and often spiked with sonic surprises, had us playing her first EP on repeat while winding down from the festival activities in the hotel room. Now finally her debut album “Crystal Ball” will be out on October 2 (preorder) and we cannot wait to hear what she was working on in the past three years.

Our Song Pick of the Day “Queen of the Night” finds a striking balance between power-pop anthem, intimacy, and adventurous electronics and showcases beautifully what Woodes is aiming for with her music.

Listen to “Queen of the Night” below:

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