SONG PICK: Yodashe – Take Time



SONG PICK: Yodashe – Take Time

Time is precious, but often the needs and distractions of the moment make us give it away with little in return. London-based producer and singer Yodashe invites you to spend three minutes and 37 seconds with her for a special audiovisual experience about time. With an intricate electronic production her debut single “Take Time” shows how something can develop if you just give it time and patience. Like an abstract painting in the beginning the song challenges you to understand its structure, but after an unexpected drop, the sonic layers fall more and more into place and fill the space with glittering brightness. In Yodashe’s own words: “It’s a statement piece. If you stick with it to the end you will be rewarded.”

Yodashe is planning to release more music in the coming months.

Our Song Pick of the Day “Take Time” is best experienced with the accompanying video by Rachel Heavey:

Listen to the song here:

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(Photo: Dan Wilton)

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