SONG PICK: Vania – Wonder




SONG PICK: Vania – Wonder

Today, New York-based singer/songwriter Vania releases her second single “Wonder,” an introspective song about the unexpected side effects of having been ill. Don’t expect her to be quiet, though: “Wonder” is an epic, cinematic piece of electro-pop in the veins of 90s trance bands like Hybrid or Asura. For Vania this is an important part of recovery. She reveals:

It was a few years into my recovery and I was frustrated with my progress. I craved the false sense of power that being ill gave me and all I wanted was to return to the place where I’d had the complete care and attention of the people around me. I was worried that this topic would be triggering for myself and for others, but I take comfort in knowing that, rather than resorting to old behaviors, I chose to mourn through my music.

Listen to “Wonder,” our Song Pick of the Day here:

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